Heat Shrink Boots

Moulded parts are in-stock at Milectria Oy Finland and will be shipped in 24 hours to customer. Moulded parts are sold without MOQ.

Heat shrink boots are designed to protect sealed cable assemblies and connectors and provides excellent electrical insulation. Military Quick Stock includes shrink boots which are suitable for many conditions and industries.

Military quick Stock includes moulded parts from manufacturers such as TE Connectivity, Raychem, Hellermann and Glenair.

If You cannot find heat shrink boots for Your needs or in stock quantity is zero, please ask from us mqs@milectria.com and we will look the best alternative and availability for You.

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  1. MOLDED PART 202A111-25/225, 770-003S102W1
    MOLDED PART 202A111-25/225, 770-003S102W1 Milectria code: MI6198
    Quantity: 206
  2. MOLDED PART 202K121-100-0
    MOLDED PART 202K121-100-0 Milectria code: MI79401
    Quantity: 0
  3. MOLDED PART 202K121-100/180-0
    MOLDED PART 202K121-100/180-0 Milectria code: MI27155
    Quantity: 5
  4. 202K121-25/225
    MOLDED PART 202K121-25/225 152-42-GW24, 809S060-3 Milectria code: MI2667
    Quantity: 0
  5. MOLDED PART 202K132-100-0
    MOLDED PART 202K132-100-0 Milectria code: MI63210
    Quantity: 0
  6. MOLDED PART 202K132-100/180-0
    MOLDED PART 202K132-100/180-0 Milectria code: MI27156
    Quantity: 65
  7. MOLDED PART 202K132-25-0
    MOLDED PART 202K132-25-0 Milectria code: MI3513
    Quantity: 3
  8. 202K132-25/225
    MOLDED PART 202K132-25/225 770-001S104R Milectria code: MI2668
    Quantity: 0
  9. MOLDED PART 202K142-100-0
    MOLDED PART 202K142-100-0 Milectria code: MI79405
    Quantity: 5
  10. MOLDED PART 202K142-100/180-0
    MOLDED PART 202K142-100/180-0 Milectria code: MI27157
    Quantity: 51
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Items 1-10 of 53

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